Cienaga is considered a poor town with a population of around 100,000. Unemployment is a huge problem, many families having to rely on fish caught at the nearby lake/lagoon to put food on the table.

Primer Pasos is our 3-storey school in Cienega educating and feeding 500 students.

On what was originally thought to be a useless piece of land, there is now a thriving school with:

  • 13 classrooms
  • a computer room
  • a playground/assembly area
  • a science laboratory

To accommodate so many pupils, 250 students attend in the morning and 250 in the afternoon!


The work in Cienaga began in the year 2000 with a basic school in a small building in the town. 

A larger piece of land became available on the street corner opposite the existing school. Even though the piece of land was under water and didn’t seem worth purchasing, David believed it had potential.