La Paz

The Guajira is the desert region of Colombia where the Wayuu Indian Tribe communities are found. It’s estimated that there are around 300,000 Wayuu who live there.

The project has grown over the years to now include:

  • a school
  • a medical clinic
  • various community projects
  • social outreach

We reach 650 children through the school and a further 200 through our social outreach activities.

At the school, the children are aged between 3 and 16. Classes are held in light, airy classrooms or the computer room. The students receive a mid-morning snack and a cooked lunch.

Crafts play an important part of daily life as Wayuu women are very good at weaving. They also spin the hair of goats and crochet bags, which are sold throughout the area. The children are taught these traditional skills.


This work began in 2000 when a Wayuu community leader called Cecilia Lindao travelled to Santa Marta to seek out David Taylor with the hope that they could join together in developing the work in the Guajira. Cecilia passed away some years ago and the La Paz project is now headed up by her sister Reyes Lindao.