The Guajira is the desert region of Colombia where the Wayuu Indian Tribe communities are found. It’s estimated that there are around 300,000 Wayuu who live there.


This project started in a local church with around 50 children attending. Then not long after we purchased a piece of land and constructed a building now known as the Wayuu Centre.

The Wayuu Centre serves the local community and around 150 children of preschool age attend the project. 

  • The children arrive early where a dedicated staff teach them educational basics, plus other values like the importance of hygiene etc. 
  • Lunch is prepared at noon and later the children take a nap. 
  • The day is finished off with more lessons and play time before the parents arrive for the children at 3pm.


This work began in 2002 when Esther Silva, a psychologist living in Maicao, had a heart-felt desire to help the poverty-stricken children she saw all around her.

Esther approached David Taylor and together they began a community based project situated in a local church.